openDemocracy website under threat of closure



The independent and not-for-profit organisation openDemocracy is under threat of closing because of a lack of funds.

openDemocracy, the digital commons is appealing to the public for donations to meet their funding target of  £250,000 before 31 March to keep the site running.

After raising £200,000, openDemocracy turned to its readers to contribute towards the final £50,000. Only a week after the launch of a public appeal donations have been flowing in but a further £24,000 is necessary to keep the organisation going.

The website publishes investigative, independent and public interest content with the ambition of seeking out debates and countering mainstream cooperate media.

The aim is to support openness, human rights and democracy by analysing and debating the nature and future of world affairs in a new kind of space.

Created in 2001, openDemocracy has a worldwide readership and publishes around 53 articles on a weekly basis and most writers and contributors are volunteers.

One contributor, Julian Sayarer, wrote on his blog about the importance of the site: “You cannot have a high standard of democracy without a high standard of media, and if the mainstream media is to be removed from the gutter, or held to account for its promotion of organised ignorance, we need sources like openDemocracy.”

Donations can be made on the site.


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